The trademark attorneys of Patentus company have extensive experience owing to their practice as leading experts of the Rospatent which allows even before filing an application for registration to identify possible risks of rejection and take appropriate steps to successfully proceed with trademark registration


The solid experience and status of our patent attorneys allows them to get not only national patents and patents for inventions and utility models according to the PCT pocedure granted, but also patents for inventions in the Eurasian Patent Organization (EPO)


Currently, the company Patentus is one of the leading Russian companies providing legal services related to the infringement of intellectual property rights


Your competitors are importing counterfeit goods into the territory of Russia. You have questions regarding the exhaustion of rights to your protected intellectual property. The lawyers of Patentus have won a lot of cases involving the infringement of rights to trademarks and patents…


According to the legislative norms of the Russian Federation the title transfer under a franchise agreement shall be recorded with the Patent and Trademark Office of the Russian Federation. Otherwise, such an agreement is considered null and void

Programs & Databases

The registration of computer programs and databases in Russia which are owned by foreign persons may be only effected by a Russian patent attorney specializing in computer program and database matters. Our patent attorneys have this status and can represent the interests of foreign persons before the Rospatent

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