Alexey Mikhailov Commented on the News About AztraZeneca Pharma being Warned by the Federal Antimonopoly Service

Date: 05 March 2018

Alexey Mikhailov commented to RBC and Vademecum Magazine on the news about the claims by the FAS against AztraZeneca Pharma for holding up prices of its patented medicines in Russia.

"Patents for active substances named Zoladex and Faslodex have expired; thus, it is not clear what exclusive rights are going to be contested by the FAS," noted the head of patent practice of PATENTUS Alexey Mikhailov. "There are patents for Faslodex application and composition [dissolving in different substances] but they can be easily avoided by competitors willing to manufacture such a medicine. Also, there are no Zoladex patents which cannot be avoided," explained Mr. Mikhailov.

In his opinion, "The FAS warning is nothing but muscle-flexing.  Alongside, both the FAS and its counterpart realize that loud statements will not be followed by serious actions."

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Alexey Mikhailov

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