PATENTUS held a business breakfast on the topic of Trademark Registration: Pitfalls and Risks. Case Studies

Date: 27 June 2017

PATENTUS held a business breakfast for the firm partners that was confined to summarizing the Partner Program results.

The event was opened by Vitaly Vakulinsky who shared the Partner Program results. The program was launched in 2014, and has proven its efficiency since then. Since 2016, payments to the firm partners have amounted to nearly half million rubles.

Galina Sokolova provided information on the existing types of trademarks and benefits from their registration, and described the registration procedure in detail. The expert introduced numerous case studies, and based on them demonstrated possible challenges related to trademark registration.

International trademark registration and methods of company protection from the so-called trolls attracted the most attention of the participants. These persons (trolls) proactively purchase a trademark, and wait patiently for the high day of a business holding a similar or identical trademark. Then they apply to court with a claim against the business owner for monetary compensation for the use of the trademark.

The event participants had an opportunity to discuss all of their concerns in a friendly and live atmosphere.

PATENTUS held a business breakfast

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