PATENTUS retained in force RUPTOs decision

Date: 25 May 2017

PATENTUS lawyers at the Intellectual Property Court achieved the maintenance of the RUPTOs decision as of 29.11.2016 in relation to the case CIP-109/2017.

In November last year, Alexey Mikhailov defended the interests of PATENTUS client Kazan plant EUROPLAST LLC in a dispute with Azimut LLC. The subject of the dispute was a patent for the utility model 157673 Hermetic seal of valve assembly for tank. Having agreed with arguments of the patent attorney, the RUPTO held the
objected patent as fully invalid.

Challenging the decision, the patent owner, Azimut LLC, appealed to the Intellectual Property Court. It justified its point of view by the fact that not all of the signs of the utility model formula were described in the opposing source, and an incorrect interpretation was given to some of the signs. To support his words, the patent owner granted the conclusion of patent attorneys and applied for an expert examination.

On May 25, 2017, Alexey Mikhailov at the Intellectual Property Court proved that the RUPTOs decision was lawful and justified, and thus protected the interests of Kazan Plant EVROPLAST LLC.

The following lawyers took part in the case: Dmitry Markanov, Andrey Akimov and Tatiana Sergunina.

Alexey Mikhailov

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