PATENTUS cancelled the patent on the utility model Facade insulation panel

Date: 15 May 2017

Alexey Mikhailov achieved a full nullification of the patent 161250 for the useful model "Facade insulation panel" in the RUPTO. The patent was issued on the application 2015135788 as of 24.08.2015 (the Republic of Crimea, Kerch) in favour of our clients former licensee and related to facade decoration materials for exterior decorative facing and insulation of facades of civil, industrial and other types of buildings.

The opposition against granting the patent 161250 based on the following arguments:

The object of the utility model is a solution that is not protected by law as a utility model, namely a substance (all the distinctive essential features of the utility model were characteristics of substance, not of device).

The claimed utility model did not meet the patentability requirement of "novelty" in relation to a number of known panels disclosed in the US and European patent documents.

On May 15, 2017 the board of the RUPTO, having learnt the opposition to granting the patent and the response to it, issued a decision to completely invalidate the patent 161250. In this way, the patent 161250 cannot be used as an excuse in cases of any other patents infringements.

Alexey Mikhailov

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