PATENTUS Lawyers annulled GLOSSI trademark in court

Date: 03 August 2016

Dmitry Markanov, the Head of Litigation Department of PATENTUS and Tatiana Sergunina, the firms lawyer, represented the interests of LLC Gloss Production in the Court for Intellectual Property Rights.

The lawyers of PATENTUS have prepared and filed a petition on behalf of the Principal for the early termination of legal protection of GLOSSI trademark due to its non-use. GLOSSI trademark delayed the registration of own trademark of our Principal gloss.

On August 03, 2016 the Court for Intellectual Property Rights after considering the petition and after having heard the explanations of PATENTUS lawyers has satisfied the claim in full and terminated the legal protection of GLOSSI trade mark for all Class 25 goods of the Nice Classification (clothing and footwear).

LLC Gloss Production is a Russian manufacturer of the authors clothes, has its own manufacturing facilities (a design bureau, a drawing room and an experimental sewing workshop).

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