«KUBANA» Lawyers of PATENTUS secured the ban and compensation for the illegal use of the trademark «KUBANA»

Date: 28 January 2015


“STROVA-Media” company is the organizer of the festival “KUBANA”| - one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. “STROVA-Media” owns exclusive rights to a series of trademarks with the word element “KUBANA”.

In 2014 the above trademark owner found a website soki-kubana.ru, which used the mark “KUBANA” for the sale of juices, nectars and fruit purees produced by “KUBSNAB” company (the city of Krasnodar).

To protect the interests of “STROVA-Media” the lawyers of PATENTUS prepared a statement of claim against “KUBSNAB” and the wrongdoing site administrator saying that in accordance with Art. 1484 of the Civil Code the actions of “KUBSNAB” on the use of the mark “KUBANA” on the site violated the rights of the plaintiff.

On January 27, 2015 the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar Region ruled to ban the use of the mark “KUBANA” by “KUBSNAB” company on the website soki-kubana.ru and pay compensation to the trademark owner in the amount of RUB 50,000.00 rubles.

To the extent concerning the claims against the domain administrator (a natural person), the court decided that the case should be reviewed by the court of general jurisdiction. The decision in this part will be appealed by the lawyers of PATENTUS.

The claims of “STROVA- Media” against “KUBSNAB” prohibiting the use of the mark “KUBANA” are the subject of independent claims and are also being considered in the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar Region.

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