PATENTUS protected the trademark KUBANA from nullification

Date: 03 November 2016

Dmitry Markanov and Andrey Akimov defended our clients right, STROVA-Media LLC, to KUBANA trademarks 449134 and 483348 in regards to 32nd class (soft drinks and beer) in the Presidium of the Court for Intellectual Property Rights.

As we reported earlier, the owner of STROVA-Media company is Ilya Ostrovsky organizer and general producer of the famous rock festival KUBANA. The court victory (case SIP-320/2016) will allow the company to continue manufacturing its products that include Kubana-Klinskoe beer as well as various juices.

KUBSNAB LLC, the claimant, was seeking to nullify the trademarks prematurely on the ground of their non-use. The claim was reasoned that the company is also a manufacturer of the 32nd class products and produces juices with the marking KUBANA. It should be noted that these products had been adjudged as counterfeit by the courts.

During the court trial concerning a premature nullification of the trademarks legal protection the defendant has to prove the fact of the trademarks use. On August 1, 2016 Dmitry Markanov and Alexander Baranchikov proved the fact of the disputable trademarks use by STROVA-Media company in the Court for Intellectual Property Rights.

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