Alexey Mikhailov made his comment for Life.ru

Date: 11 August 2016

Alexey Mikhailov, Head of Patent Department of PATENTUS, has commented on the appearance of the patent for Ford collapsible car in Russia in response to a question from Life.ru

Obtaining a patent is in many respects a bet for the future. For example, outside the RF the period from filing an application to the moment of direct delivery of the title of protection requires years, sometimes up to five years. During this time the companies have time to make a prototype, to try it and to understand how much interest this invention can arise on the market. This is a bet for the future, but failure to stake on it is a high risk. And what if the technology is a success and you do not have a patent? Accordingly, you will not be able to protect yourself from competitors. You will miss the opportunity to make enormous profits. According to the world statistics only 5% of what is patented is actually introduced, says Head of Patent Department of PATENTUS Alexey Mikhailov.

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