PATENTUS sustained the court decision to recover 500 thousand rubles in favor of the client

Date: 29 November 2016

Dmitry Markanov and Tatiana Sergunina have obtained affirmance of the judgment made on the August 29, 2016 in regards of 500 thousand rubles recovery of court expenses for payment of PATENTUS firm’s services in favor of Microbnye Technologii LLC in the Presidium of the Court for Intellectual Property Rights (case № SIP 697/2015).

The claimant did not agree with the decision concerning the recovery of monetary assets and filed a cassation appeal to the Court for Intellectual Property Rights. The opposition against adjudication of the court expenses was reasoned that the sum of money was overcharging and unreasonable. The plaintiff claimed that the average cost for the provision of similar legal services is 80 thousand rubles.

PATENTUS lawyers proved a legal and a factual complexity of the case in the Court for Intellectual Property Rights, as a proof they provided a significant amount of legal precedents. Whereas the opposite party did not present any evidence in respect of unreasonableness and redundancy of the challenged expenses amount.

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