PATENTUS has nullified the utility model patent ╣ 66833 "Automatic switch"

Date: 24 October 2016

Alexey Mikhailov, Head ofáPatents atáPATENTUS, has represented the clientĺs interests ináthe dispute against joint-stock industrial company ELECTROAPPARAT atáthe Chamber for Patent Disputes.

The objection was motivated onáthe basis that all nine variations ofáthe utility model disputed patent completely coincided with the essential features ofáthe model patent ╣á52328. The distinction consisted only inádisposition ofáthe marking, that led toánonfulfillment ofáoriginality condition ofáthe patentability.

OnáOctober 4 th, 2016 the objection requirements against the utility model patent ╣á66833 were met onáthe panel session atáthe Chamber for Patent Disputes ofáthe RUPTO. Asáthe result, the patent was completely nullified.

The equivalences ofáthe patent ╣á66833 are also registered onáthe territory ofáthe Republic ofáBelarus, the Republic ofáKazakhstan and Ukraine. Ináthe case ofáneed, our foreign partners could proceed with nullification ofáthe patentĺs equivalences.

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