PATENTUS annulled the patent on the industrial design 97926

Date: 03 August 2018

Alexey Mikhailov has achieved the annulment of the patent on the industrial design 97926. The patent was granted under the application 2015501809 from 28.05.2015 to the competitor of our client. The patent protected the aesthetics of the table for negotiation cabinet.

The Intervention against the issue of the patent was based on the following arguments:

  • Above mentioned Industrial design had been saling in Russia earlier than registration date was appeared. It was presented in the magazine Bo Concept.
  • Above-mentioned industrial design had been demonstrating in the YouTube video until the registration in the Rospatent was conducted. It was proved by the archived data ARCHIVE.ORG.
On 2th of August  2018 board of Rospatent decided to recognize the patent on industrial design 97926 as invalid. 

Alexey Mikhailov

Thank You!