PATENTUS participated in the annual conference of patent attorneys

Date: 30 November 2016

November 22–25, 2016 Larisa Viktorovna Grudina and Dmitry Markanov participated in the VII (XXII) annual research and practice conference of patent attorneys, held in POTEMKIN hotel in Tsarskoye Selo of Pushkin town. The conference was attended by more than 150 lead experts of Russian and foreign patent firms.

In the report "Сlaim for noninfringement of exclusive rights — global practice, prospects and opportunities to implement it in Russia" Dmitry Markanov discovered the absence of noninfringement claim in Russia, described its legal nature, shared his foreign experience and proposed some variants for noninfringement claim implementation in the Russian law.

The annual conference is dedicated to the protection of patent rights and means of individualization matters as well as discussion of modern tendencies in the Russian judicial proceedings and new RUPTO ordinances. On the last day of the conference was held a traditional business game — court hearing with the participation of a moderator, judge, plaintiff and defendant.

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