The patent attorneys PATENTUS LLC succeeded in the upholding of interests of the company "VKT-Trade", a high roller in the packaging market, belonging to the same group with the company "VP" being an official distributor of the company "Shell Neft"

Date: 03 March 2014

The company "VKT-Trade" is the holder of the utility model patent No. 124667 "Packaging material, bag, packaging container and stackable container" issued earlier with the help of the patent attorneys of PATENTUS LLC. VKT-Trade faced with the facts of illegal use of this utility model (bag for packing fish), and therefore the sent a claim to the company OOO "East TransService" on their patent infringement. This concerned supplies packaging products valued at $ 2 million.

EastTransService answered with an objection filed with the Chamber of Patent Disputes against the decision to grant the patent to VKT-Trade invoking an earlier open use of products under the patent. On February 27, 2014 at the Chamber of Patent Disputes the patent attorneys of PATENTUS LLC succeeded in refuting the arguments for the objection to maintain patent No. 24667 in full force and effect without making any amendments to the claims for the utility model.

As a result of the successful efforts of the patent attorneys VKT-Trade can continue defending its patent rights and counteract competitors in the Far East District and the Russian Federation.


The company "Vostochny polyus" is an official distributor of "Shell Neft" in Primorsk and Kamchatka Territories, Sakhalin Region, Magadan region , Chukotka Autonomous District and Oimyakon Ulus. The company is widely regarded as leader in the market of containers and packaging materials for fishing and agricultural business in the Far East as well as the largest supplier of polypropylene bags within Russia.

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