PATENTUS holds annual Strategic Planning Session

Date: 28 February 2019

On February 27, the annual Strategic Planning Session was held in the conference hall of the Courtyard Marriot hotel, where we managed to take stock of the year 2018 and shared our ideas on the development of the company in 2019.

During the event, managing partner Dmitry Markanov and general director Mikhail Shurshilin summed up the results of the past year, spoke about the company's achievements and thanked the team for their brilliant work. In addition, the company management announced a new direction for the company's future development and through practical work we defined the main goals for 2019.

For the first time in the history of such sessions, a special invited guest, representative of the Coca-Cola company Sergey Levin, spoke in front of our team. As a part of his speech, Sergey explained what a client like Coca-Cola is expecting from his partner, that provides services in the field of intellectual property protection. For PATENTUS specialists, Sergey’s speech was a unique opportunity to ask some questions to their client.

Sessions of strategic planning in the company have been held every year since 2010. These sort of  meetings have become a good tradition, allowing to strengthen the spirit of the team and to identify priorities for the coming year.

PATENTUS holds annual Strategic Planning Session

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