PATENTUS nullified patent on keg closure

Date: 28 November 2016

Alexey Mikhailov has achieved a full nullification of the utility model patent № 157673 at the Chamber for Patent Disputes. It is represented as a valve cap for bottles and is used for pouring, storage and transportation of drinks.

The case victory will allow our client to produce a comparable product. While our opponent, the Research Company, would have escape from 15 million financial losses if it had consulted a patent attorney prior to purchasing equipment in respect of the disputable patent.

The objection to patent issue on the challenged model was reasoned that it has no novelty in regards to the international publication WO 2012062821. In the objection Alexey Mikhailov specified the formula signs of the utility model and compared them with the signs of the device from the international publication. The only insignificant distinction was the description of the caps’ keg material.

Михайлов Алексей Викторович

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