PATENTUS Lawyers protected the interests of Polimet, LTD and NPP Informsystema, LLC in the Moscow City Commercial Court

Date: 21 January 2019

Dmitry Markanov and Tatiana Savinykh achieved a termination of violation of the exclusive rights for the utility model (patent ╣127240 źCommunication cable with a rope╗ issued in the Russian Federation) and for the invention (patent ╣2568859 źCommunication cable╗ issued in the Russian Federation) in the Moscow City Commercial Court.

In February 2017 tender for conclusion of subscriber brass cable sale-and-delivery contract was started at the official site of public procurements. In March Trade house Uralsky kabelĺ became a winner of the tender, and then delivered production in accordance with terms of the contract.

Patentee of utility model źCommunication cable with a rope╗ - cable factory Polimet (the largest regional producer of cabling and wiring commodity), and NPP Informsystema - patentee of invention źCommunication cable╗ appealed for assistance to PATENTUS lawyers, believing that Trade house Uralsky kabelĺ had violated their exclusive rights by delivering subscriber brass cable.

PATENTUS Lawyers have initiated patent-and-technical expertise of subscriber brass cables. Expertise conclusion revealed that samples of cable violate exclusive rights of Polimet, Ltd and NPP Informsystema, LLC.

On 17th of January 2018 the court adjudicated on satisfaction of the claim and prohibited to offer for sale and to sale utility model under patent ╣127240 and invention under patent ╣2568859 to Trade House Uralsky kabelĺ.

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