PATENTUS has obtained adjudication of the trademark "Pobeda vkusa" as a well-known

Date: 18 November 2016

Anna Atyakshina and Rimma Slemtseva have obtained adjudication of the confectionarys trademark "Pobeda" (eng. Victory) as a well-known on the territory of the Russian Federation. The trademark is presented as combined designation, consisted of words "Pobeda" and "Vkusa" (eng. Taste), that are closed into the polyhedron, and the waving flag above the letter "b".

The status of the well-known trademark will allow the factory to have several essential advantages:
unlimited juridical protection of the mark, while the standard protection lasts only for 10 years;
significant financial profit with issuance of licenses for its own trademark;
distribution of the juridical protection not only for the goods, that trademark was adjudged as well-known for, but also for nonuniform goods in case of risks of the trademark holders rights violation.

PATENTUS experts selected and analyzed the documents for the evidential base, filed the application to the RUPTO, as well as participated in the session of the RUPTOs board.

The factory provided its application with several reasons that it has a long-lasting period of production, a fast-growing branch network, a high volume of sales, a large variety of confectionary and a wide advertising campaign. Furthermore, a sociological survey revealed that the trademark "Pobeda vkusa" is familiar to the respondents and everymen in Russia and the CIS countries.

As the result of the application proceeding, board of the RUPTO reached a decision to adjudge the confectionarys trademark "Pobeda" as a well-known.

At present, there are 172 well-known trademarks in the register that indicates on the rarity and complexity of the conduct of such cases in the Russian Federation.

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