Patent attorneys from PATENTUS LLC retained the legal protection of the trademark "Яркая ночка" (Yarkaya nochka)

Date: 03 February 2014

On September 24, 2013 Sole Proprietor Polozov V.A. appealed to Rospatent with an objection against granting legal protection to the trademark "Яркая ночка" (Yarkaya nochka) due to the fact that it was confusingly similar to his trademark "Ночка" ("Nochka").

The trademark "Ночка" ("Nochka") was registered under No. 394394 in 2009, the trademark "Яркая ночка" (Yarkaya nochka) was registered in the name of the confectionery factory "Amta" (the city of Ulan-Ude) under No. 415 973 in 2010.

Rospatent considered all facts of the case and decided to satisfy the objection filed by Sole Proprietor Polozov V.A. However, this decision was not approved by the Head of Rospatent and the objection was sent for retrial.

PATENTUS LLC took part the new trial. At the hearing of the Patent Disputes Chamber the lawyers from PATENTUS LLC managed to prove that the trademark "Яркая ночка" (Yarkaya nochka) was not confusingly similar to the trademark "Nochka".

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