Nikolay Pyzhev

Trademark attorney 785
PhD in Medicine

In Intellectual Property since 1991

Nikolay is one of the firms cofounders, who is now generally responsible for complex patent matters. His academic rank allows him to deal with matters pertaining to chemistry and medicine of any complexity. Stands behind the firms own state-of-art search systems.

Practice Areas:
— Patenting inventions and utility models relating to chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics and perfumes
— Counseling in respect of the practical arrangements of in-house patent departments of enterprises and institutions
— IP rights protection
— IP assets management
— Technical and legal audit of enterprises
— Licensing and technology transfer

IP Subject Matters:
— Dietary supplements, in particular drugs, veterinary drugs, detergents, disinfectants, cosmetics, perfumes and their use
— Medical and healthcare products, diagnostic facilities
— Treatment modalities, preventive measures, diagnostic methods

In 2017 Nikolay was recommended by:
IP Stars the leader in the patent sphere (Patent Star)
The prominent patent attorney is Nikolay Pyzhev, who specialises in chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Career History:
20002006:   Large pharmaceutical company
2006Now:    PATENTUS

— International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
— Chamber of Patent Attorneys (Russia)

University degree, PhD in chemistry & medicine


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