Trademark registration taking into account the recommendations of the attorney based on the examination results and the need for the client to change the applicant during the registration process

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A company engaging in complex solutions for residential space development required to register a new trademark.

To minimize the time and the funds spent for trademark registration, the client made a decision to conduct a preliminary examination before submitting the application. Upon the receipt of all necessary recommendations and finalizing the trademark, the application documents were promptly submitted to Rospatent.

Upon the submission of the application, due to a change in the business strategy, the client had to transfer the rights under the application to another person.

PATENTUS experts confirmed the eligibility for this procedure, and also checked all the information about the applicant relevant for Rospatent, and then prepared and submitted a set of documents in the prescribed form to Rospatent. Due to properly prepared materials before submitting the application, the procedure for transfer of the rights under the application was performed without any requests from Rospatent and the document on amending the application due to assignment of rights was promptly received. Due to professional actions of Patent attorneys, this procedure made it possible to save the term of examination for trademark registration.
ООО «Строй Центр»
ООО «Строй Центр»


Компании «Строй Центр», которая занимается комплексными решениями при обустройстве жилого пространства, потребовалось зарегистрировать новый товарный знак.

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