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We have electronic filing of documents, which allows us to reduce the amount of official fees by 30%.

Work on applications filed with Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property)

Filing an application

Payment of official fees is divided into 2 stages:

- for filing an application     

- for registration of the certificate - according to the results of the examination

The amount of the fee depends on the number of the ICGS classes (International Classification of Goods and Services).


Expedited registration

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) allows for an accelerated registration of a trademark, reducing the examination period to 2 months, subject to payment of the duty prescribed by law


Trademark extension

Extension is carried out subject to payment of the fee within the last year of the trademark.

The validity period can also be extended within 6 months after the expiration of the trademark, subject to the payment of an additional fee



The trademark rightholder is obliged to make changes in the state register in respect of all changes related to the name, address of location and address for correspondence.

There is a separate fee for amendments + fee for amendments to the trademark certificate.


License agreements

(Contracts of commercial concession, franchising)

Rightholders should take into account that in the Russian Federation, a license agreement is considered valid only if it is registered with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

Registration of a license agreement is accompanied by the payment of the official fee, the amount of the fee is reduced for each trademark over one.

Alienation of rights to a trademark

Alienation of rights to a trademark is subject to registration at Rospatent and is accompanied by payment of the official fee. One contract of alienation can cover several trademarks, which will reduce the size of the state fee for each trademark over one.


Challenging the decisions of the examination of Rospatent

The examination decision can be challenged in the Chamber for Patent Disputes within 4 months from the date of the decision.

Acceptance and consideration of an application for contestation is accompanied by the payment of a state fee.


Rospatent's decision on provisional refusal to register trademarks

The answer to the decisions of Rospatent on the provisional refusal must be submitted within 6 months and this period is not extended.

There is no Rospatent fee for consideration.


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