Successful registration of the main brands of one of the recognized leaders in the paper stationery market as trademarks

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The company, one of the recognized leaders in the paper stationery market, was interested in obtaining exclusive rights to three trademarks when expanding the range of brands.

For the purpose of assessing the chances for registration and, if necessary, developing a strategy for obtaining certificates, two designations were examined before the application was submitted.

As the examination results showed that the chances were high, and the identified obstacles could be easily challenged, if necessary, in the substantiated response to the Notification, it was decided not to change the trademarks and to submit the applications as soon as possible.

According to the results of Rospatent expert commission, the preliminary forecasts were confirmed and all three designations obtained the registration approvals without any provisional refusal.
ООО «Альт»
ООО «Альт»

«Альт» – один из признанных лидеров рынка бумажно-беловой продукции.


Хвостов Д.Н.Генеральный директор

Успешное, на протяжении нескольких лет, сотрудничество с компанией «Патентус» позволило нам укрепить свои позиции на рынке бумажно-беловой и канцелярской продукции, сформировать имидж надежной производственной компании, нацеленной на результат в долгосрочной перспективе.

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