PATENTUS and Moscow Digital School announces the course "Intellectual Property Law"

PATENTUS and Moscow Digital School announces the course "Intellectual Property Law"


Every day we register new intellectual property objects, select individual solutions for your company's IP portfolio and stand guard over your exclusive rights. However, the rights holders themselves often also need specialized knowledge of intellectual property to build a brand development strategy and business as a whole.

At the advanced training course "Intellectual Property Law" from Moscow Digital School you will learn all the subtleties of intellectual property law, learn how to design and protect intellectual property and manage them. During the course, you will analyze specific cases, and the knowledge you gain will be practiced on a training project.

The PATENTUS team is happy to give you a 5% discount on the entire course with promo code PATENTUS_STUDY. Do not miss out!

Course topics include:

  • Intellectual property management and protection. A breakdown of the main tools;

  • Know-how and trade secrets, domain names, websites and other objects of exclusive rights;

  • Copyright, patent and related rights;

  • Trademarks. Peculiarities of registration and their protection;

  • Management of intellectual property in business.

Among the lecturers of the course are Dmitry Markanov, the managing partner of PATENTUS team, and the Head of Litigation Darya Gzhimek.

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