PATENTUS experts held a round table on parallel imports

PATENTUS experts held a round table on parallel imports


A round table on parallel imports in Russia was held On April 6 on the educational platform Legal Academy.

In the current economic conditions, one of the primary tasks is to saturate the domestic market. That is why parallel imports have been legalized in Russia, which will allow entrepreneurs to import original goods from abroad without the consent of the rights holder. The Federal Antimonopoly Service is confident that this will help to increase the range of goods sold and lower prices and increase entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation.

The speakers at the round table: Dmitry Markanov, Managing Partner of PATENTUS, Alexey Mikhailov, PATENTUS Head of the Patents and Sergey Levin, head of legal services at Coca-Cola Soft Drink Consulting, discussed the legalization of parallel imports in Russia.

In the framework of the round table the questions were covered:

  • What is parallel import and in which countries it is officially allowed;

  • Legalization vs. prohibition of "gray" imports;

  • Parallel import: how it works in Russia;

  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade's project to legalize parallel imports: what will happen next, the consequences for rights holders.

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