PATENTUS hosted a strategic planning session

PATENTUS hosted a strategic planning session

PATENTUS hosted a strategic planning session

Every year our team holds a session attended by all representatives of the company from all departments. This time the meeting was held at Marriot and was remembered for the liveliest and useful communication.

We were able to summarize the year 2021, which was really difficult for Russian business, like the previous year 2020. We are happy that we were able to improve our position, achieve the planned results and conquer new heights.

Andrey Ivanenko - Managing Director of the «Samolet Group» (major Russian developer), shared his views on strategic planning with our guest speaker. We are grateful to Andrey for his time and fresh ideas and solutions. His presentation was most informative and laid the groundwork for further heated discussion of the strategy of our company as a whole.

Also, according to our long tradition, the management awarded several employees for their loyalty and contribution to the development of the company. Gold shields were awarded to: Svetlana Lashuk, Evgenia Levina and Anastasia Danilevskaya.

We are happy to move forward for our clients, create new goals and exceed the expectations of those who entrust us with their intellectual property!

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