Protecting your intellectual property for 15 years!

Protecting your intellectual property for 15 years!

Protecting your intellectual property for 15 years!

In the middle of June 2021 our company marked the 15th anniversary. Throughout all these years PATENTUS has gone a long way from a small firm that registered trademarks to one of the leaders in Intellectual property in Russia.

In 15 years, we have provided trademark registration services, patenting and legal defense to more than 12 thousand of customers in Russia and abroad. Each company’s department has accomplished great things and keeps developing so our clients keep coming back.

Our experience and profound expertise is what we offer to solve the tasks of our clients. For example, every year the company’s experts apply for 1200 trademark registrations (Top 3 in Russia), and there are more than 600 court cases in the portfolio of the Courts and Disputes Department of PATENTUS.

The staff of our company has grown to more than 30 employees over these years. 16 of them are registered patent attorneys with over 20 years of experience.

Due to active digitalization of all economic spheres we have decided to make legal sphere more innovative as well. Automating of the majority of the business processes helps free our experts from unnecessary document flow and offer our clients new level of the service in terms of the speed, information and comfort.

Starting from the middle of 2021 we are happy to offer our clients access to Customer Account section. That is a unique tool that lets manage intellectual property portfolio where in the “one window” mode one can see all applications and registrations, patents, court status, and upload documents from bases and file cabinets.

In order to memorize the 15th year anniversary all our staff travelled to the Black Sea where we spent several days as one team and accumulated the energy before the next move up.

We would like to thank our clients for choosing us!

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